Tu Bishvat

Resources from around the world in different languages about the New Year of the Trees.


First mentioned in the Mishnah, Tu Bishvat is one of the four Jewish New Years; each with its own purpose, accounting, and role in demonstrating that life is a constant parade of new beginnings.

Tu Bishvat was, according to the view of the school of Hillel, the New Year for agricultural purposes, and specifically for paying the annual tithes due on fruit.





📄 "After the founding of the modern State of Israel, there was a revival of interest in Tu Bishvat.

In Israel it is customary for school children to go out on that day to plant saplings, thus transforming the day into a kind of Jewish Arbor Day. Tu Bishvat has been given an environmental spin in some circles in recent years."

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📄 "Trees are central to Jewish life and imagination. From the Garden of Eden to the Jewish National Fund, from the Talmudic custom of planting a tree when a child was born to Martin Buber’s invitation at the beginning of I and Thou to 'Consider a tree'".

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📄 "What texts and teachings should guide our relation to the physical world? Is there a foundational Jewish law that encompasses a broad environmental ethic that would guide our engagement with the world and if so, what is it?".

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✡︎ Especial Tu Bishvat de la Comunidad Judía Masorti Bet-El de Madrid con leyes y costumbres, y un guía para el seder.

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✡︎ The Tu Bishvat haggadah by the Masorti Movement in Israel - translated by USCJ, Exploring Judaism, and Rabbinical Assembly - was written in response to these painful times in Israel and focuses on the repair the Masorti Movement aspire and hope to actualize in this world.

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✡︎ Séder de Tou Bi’Chvat basé sur le Séder Pri Ets Adar et le Séder Hemdat Yamim.

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Which four fruits do you include on your Tu Bishvat seder plate?

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Guide with delightful recipes and food ideas that capture the essence of Tu Bishvat and brings together flavors, colors, and textures that symbolize the diversity of the natural world. 

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Education and Youth Division of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael's Kit with photos of trees which are mentioned in Jewish sources; a booklet with botanical, agricultural and cultural information about the trees; and explanations and suggestions for activities for all ages.

See the versions in English, French, and Italian

🌐 From Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund Website

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