Sustainability in Judaism

The idea of sustainability in Judaism and caring for nature is not a new concept, but rather an ancient one. Just as the body needs to rest, so does the earth, the land. The Shmita year invites us to look at the world around us and care for its needs, to see nature not as a resource for me but as a treasure we need to preserve and protect for everyone.

Behar: Sustainable Farming in the Torah

Did you know that the Torah has lots to say about sustainable farming practices? Organic farmer Emily Freed explains the laws of the land in down-to-earth language. So get your hands, or at least your ears, dirty!

This is Parshat Behar (בְּהַר “on the mount” Leviticus 25:1–26:2) Episode 32 of the weekly Torah cartoon from Each week, a different storyteller - some musical, some poetic, some just straight-up, tell the story of the current Torah portion...and then we animate it!

Shmita in Action in KKL-JNF Nurseries and Forests

This Rosh Hashanah will usher in the Sabbatical year in Israel, where the bible commands us to let the land rest every seventh year. This video will show how the sabbatical year, or the shmita, is observed in KKL-JNF forests and nurseries.

The Climate Song

Sing for the Climate is a big singing manifestation that first took place on September 22 and 23 2012 in Belgium. More than 80.000 people in more than 180 Belgian cities and communities sang the song "Do it Now", urging politicians to take more ambitious climate measures both on local, national and international level. This video is a synthesis of recordings that were made in all locations. The success of 'Sing for the Climate' proves that a mass mobilization around climate change is still possible even after the COP15 in Copenhagen. But Belgium is a small country and climate change is global problem, which needs to be tackled on an international level. Therefore we appeal to local groups and organizations worldwide to organize their own version of Sing for the Climate.

Could the Ancient Jewish Practice of Shmita Be a New Tool for Sustainable Agriculture?

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