Shmita as a Way of Life - Talia Schneider

Dec 12, 2021

Talia Schneider is an Israeli author, lecturer, and the founder of Permaculture Israel. Talia is a person who practices what she preaches, and in this lecture, she tells us all about how Shmita became more than just a tradition for her, but an actual way of life. We went to visit Talia in her fascinating home, which is known as Beit Ya'ar – meaning the home of the forest, where she operates an ecological garden to grow her own food, she collects rainwater, runs the only ecological printing house in Israel and teaches hundreds of students the ways of Shmita, permaculture and sustainable living, all in the context of Judaism

Interested in learning more about Shmita and Permaculture with Talia Schenider?

She offers a few courses in Hebrew on her website:

The secrets of Shmita:


Spanish translation:

Watch the Spanish translation

French translation:

Watch the French translation

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