Halacha (Jewish Law)

What are theHalacha(Jewish laws) surrounding Shmita? What’s the connection between Shabbat and Shmita? What does it mean to observe Shmita in the 21st century? And what newHalachic innovations did the Zionist movement create in order to observe the Shmita?

Shmita - How to observe the laws of the Shmita year 2021-22/5782

The upcoming Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana 5,782, begins at nightfall on September 6, 2021. This coming Jewish Year is special and unique only to the Land of Israel and the Jewish People living in the land. It is the Shmita year. Shmita comes every 7 years. We are forbidden to work the land during the Shmita year. It is to remain fallow. It is a commandment from the Torah that prescribes that the land rests for a year. Rabbi Yisrael Kaniel, religious advisor to Buy a Piece of Israel, was born and educated in New York before making aliya to Israel in 1992, and has never left the Land of Israel ever since. Rabbi Kaniel is seen here explaining some interesting points about harvesting fruits during the Shmita year that is permitted if the fruits grew before the Shmita year. Conversely, he explains that fruit grown during the Shmita year are forbidden to be harvested after the Shmita year has ended. By owning land in Israel that refrains from being worked during Shmita, you are observing the laws of Shmita. if this video was helpful to you, please consider subscribing to our Youtube channel and leave a comment. We would love to create for you more interesting interviews from people who support jewish farming in Israel!

Shmita, a sabbatical year for the land

This upcoming year on the Jewish calendar will be a Shmita year, a year of rest for the land and agriculture. Learn more about this Jewish tradition dating back to biblical times, and how it is practiced in Israel today.

Prozbul as a Model for Radical Halakhic Change:

How Should Shmita (The Sabbatical Year) be Observed in the State of Israel?

Shmita—The Sabbatical Year Hebrew/English Source Sheet

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