Sophie Fellman Rafalovitz

Board Member

Sophie Fellman Rafalovitz made Aliyah with her family as a child from Guatemala City. She served in the IDF as a drill sergeant through the NAHAL program. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and her M. Ed in Jewish Education from Oranim College. From 2001-2005 she served as the United Synagogue Youth Shlicha on the West Coast. Since then, she has worked in Israel's Ministry of Education as an occupational therapist for children with special needs, guiding educational teams and families. At the same time, she served as the National Youth Commission Chair and on the Executive Boards of the Masorti Movement and Marom Olami and helped being a pluralistic prayer group in her hometown. She served as the Midwest Regional Representative of the Jewish Agency, serving in Chicago from 2011-2014 with her husband and three children, facilitating Aliyah and coordinating the Jewish Agency’s various activities, including but not limited to: Israel experiences, Partnership, Shlichut, social activism, and Jewish peoplehood.

Since her return, Sophie has been living in Kibbutz Hannaton. She served as the Pedagogical Education Director for the Kibbutz’ supplementary educational programs, to which she now consults. She currently works in as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and supervisor.

Sophie recently finished a six year term serving as the Masorti movement’s national Chairperson. She currently serves on several movement boards as well as her own synagogue committee in Hannaton.

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