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Masorti Europe brings together over 35 Masorti communities across 11 different European countries and provides religious and community services to our members.

It is the second largest region of Masorti Olami, the World Council of Synagogues, Inc., which brings together all the Masorti communities that identify with and adhere to its platform and mission around the world.

Masorti Europe holds regular leadership conferences for members involved in Jewish Education, Security and Interfaith work, Israel Education and Synagogue Board Members to create networks of regional collaboration and mutual support.

The organization supports small communities by providing rabbis, educators and prayer leaders for the High Holidays and special occasions throughout the year. It also strengthens and works with new communities and havurot to help them develop and grow into our communities of the future.

Masorti Europe cooperates and works closely together with other regions and institutions of the worldwide Masorti movement to provide a full range of services to likeminded Jewish communities:

•  The European Masorti Bet Din provides halachic conversions, divorces and halachic rulings. Learn more here.

•  The European Academy for Jewish Liturgy (EAJL) pairs lay leaders with Cantors and trains them as Shlichei Tzibur, empowering small communities and havurot who don’t have a full time Rabbi or Cantor and is key to creating self-sufficient Masorti communities across Europe.

•  Zacharias Frankel College in Potsdam, Germany, is the first Masorti rabbinical school in Europe. They train the rabbis that the Jewish world needs today and tomorrow too: Knowledgeable, skilled, authentic, warm and welcoming. Free BA and MA studies, vibrant Jewish life in Berlin, egalitarian Judaism, a place among colleagues in the Rabbinical Assembly of the Masorti Movement, and a chance to shape Jewish life for the next generations. The college is under the religious supervision of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles, and in the academic framework of the University of Potsdam.

•  NOAM Olami, the global youth network that connects Masorti youth around the world, has 12 snifim (branches) spread across six European countries and focuses on building the future leaders of our movement.

•  Marom, the network of young adults, seeks to provide a global network that empowers young Jewish adults across six European countries.

•  MERCAZ Olami is the Zionist and political arm of the global Masorti movement, with five centers across Europe. MERCAZ Olami is the movement’s representation in the Israeli National Institutions and continues to strengthen its work each year through training, resourcing, and mobilizing of worldwide chapters.

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Masorti Olami

We are Masorti Olami, the official International Movement of Masorti/Conservative Judaism, based in Jerusalem, Israel.


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