This workshop series will provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to develop and implement a successful fundraising campaign for their synagogue community. The workshop will cover a wide range of topics, including:

• the fundamentals of the fundraising process;

• how to identify, prepare, and launch a fundraising campaign;

• how to build a case for support and make the ask;

• different types of fundraising events and campaigns;

• how to market your campaign and attract donors.

Key takeaways from the workshop series:

→ understand the different types of fundraising and how they can be applied in a synagogue community setting;

→ learn how to develop a fundraising strategy and create a plan;

→ identify and research potential donors;

→ build a case for support and make the ask;

→ manage and market fundraising events;

→ use different communication channels to promote your campaign and attract donors.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundraising process.

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to launch and manage a successful fundraising campaign.

Network with other synagogue leaders and learn from their experiences.

Receive personalised guidance from an experienced fundraising professional.

This workshop series is ideal for anyone who is involved in fundraising for their synagogue community, including:

• synagogue board members

• fundraising committee members

• synagogue staff members

• religious leaders

• community volunteers

Led by Jeremy Kelly, former president, treasurer and board member of Masorti Judaism UK, former trustee of Masorti Europe, and founder of fundraising consultancy Kelly Consulting. Visit his LinkedIn profile to learn more about him.


To support Masorti/Conservative communities and projects for the continuation of our Jewish people and values from generation to generation.
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