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Or Chalom was started in 2006 by a few dedicated people. The idea was to create a welcoming place where Jewish life and practice could be open and thinking, thought provoking and yet familiar, safe and yet challenging. A small kernel of like-minded people joined together for services that included women, education that included children, and outings that welcomed whole families.

It now has a small synagogue, a Talmud Torah for children, and is proud and happy to host Bar and Bat Mitzvot.

Or Chalom is open to the wider Aix-en-Provence community and takes part in Mitzvah Day and charitable social actions.

Or Chalom is proud to host Sefer Torah MST#1420 from the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague, that survived the Shoah. One of 1564 brought to London in 1964 by the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London, it is on permanent loan to them thanks to generous members.

Contact Info

E: orchalom@gmail.com

T: (+33) 6 8338 8990

Contact Name

Mr Alexis Nuselovici


Aix-en-Provence, France

To support Masorti/Conservative communities and projects for the continuation of our Jewish people and values from generation to generation.
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Masorti Olami

We are Masorti Olami, the official International Movement of Masorti/Conservative Judaism, based in Jerusalem, Israel.


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Masorti Olami
32 General Pierre Koenig, 4th Floor
Jerusalem 93469, Israel
E: mail@masortiolami.org
T: +972 (2) 624-7106