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Masorti Centrum Ki Tov is the Conservative Jewish Community of Poland. Members of our Warsaw city center synagogue come from all over Poland and beyond. We opened our doors on 1st Nisan 5776 (spring 2016) and in 2018 we officially became part of the Conservative movement through Masorti Europe.

We hold Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv every Friday at 19:00 and Shacharit on Shabbat mornings at 10:00. We celebrate all the main Festivals and Holy Days.

We are a small community with a family atmosphere. We enjoy having visitors and cater for their specific needs. Many visitors request an Aliyah or wish to say Kaddish. We hold egalitarian services and have spare Kippot and Siddurim for Friday evenings, plus Chumashim and Tallitot for Shabbat mornings. We are a short walk from most of the main hotels and encourage you to visit us and take an active part in prayers and celebrations. Apart from English, Hebrew and Polish, many of our members are fluent in other languages.

If you wish to take part in our Zoom accessible services, including festivals, please contact us for the link.

Our members are of all ages and walks of life, with varied backgrounds. We promote community and family traditional Halachic values. We have members with unbroken Jewish roots, those that have repaired their severed links and those choosing to be a part of Israel. Our Halachic conversion courses are open to all, cumulating in a Masorti Beit Din, whose procedures comply with the law of return. Our role is often similar to that of grandparents teaching their grandchildren tradition and encouraging its practice at home and in the synagogue.

Progressive Judaism was seeded in the Polish lands in the early 19th century and soon became prominent, with many large synagogues, places of learning and renowned rabbis. In the 1860s it crossed the Atlantic and soon developed into the large movements of today.

To survive from 1939 to 1989 many families assimilated to hide their identity, traditions and roots. After the fall of communism, the 1990s saw visiting North American rabbis playing an important role in reviving Judaism. They did this within the movements they represented.

Our inheritance is pre-war Progressive Judaism which harmonizes with today’s traditions and values represented by the Masorti/Conservative movement. Our community is both traditional and progressive and there is nothing contradictory in this. The essence of Conservative/Masorti Judaism is integrating and balancing tradition with modernity, without compromising Halacha.

Our Masorti community is passing traditional Judaism to the next generations.

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T: (+48) 601-225588

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Mr Joe Smoczyński (President)


Nowogrodzka 12/3

00-511 Warsaw


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Masorti Olami

We are Masorti Olami, the official International Movement of Masorti/Conservative Judaism, based in Jerusalem, Israel.


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