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If you are planning to spend some time on the Côte d’Azur, be sure to pay a visit to the local Masorti community in Nice, Maayane Or (Espace Culturel et Communautaire Maayane Or). Established in 1996, we now have an impressive synagogue and cultural centre in the centre of Nice, and manage a full range of activities throughout the year.

With over 100 families as members, we are the second largest Masorti community in France. We are fully egalitarian, and the Sephardic background of many of our members is reflected in our services. In addition to regular services on Shabbat and Festivals, activities include a monthly Shabbat meal, visits to the old synagogues in the Italian Piedmont region, film showings and debates, and conferences. If your French is rusty, don’t worry – many of the members are bilingual. The community is keen to create and maintain links with Masorti visitors, and you will be sure of a friendly welcome.

Rabbi David Touboul always knew he was destined to become a communal and spiritual leader of Masorti Jews in France. As a Masorti Olami Schorsch Rabbinical Fellow, he received his rabbinical ordination from the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem in 2010. He then moved to Nice, where he serves as the rabbi of Maayane Or and also works with other Masorti communities in southern France.

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Mr Franck Medioni


17 Avenue Shakespeare

06000 Nice, France

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We are Masorti Olami, the official International Movement of Masorti/Conservative Judaism, based in Jerusalem, Israel.


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