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DorVador (meaning ‘every generation’ in Hebrew) is a Masorti community which serves the Jewish population of Eastern Paris who are interested in an open, modern and traditional Judaism.

DorVador's approach to Judaism is to promote an understanding of tradition, the Torah and its commentaries, prayers and songs, the history of our people and Jewish thought.

Dorvador's aim is to offer members of the Jewish community a modern and halakhic approach to Judaism and to reach out to members less involved to engage them in the celebration of Jewish life in the community.

In 2000, several families decided to set up a small minyan in the East of Paris. A decade later, the very small and friendly congregation welcomed Rabbi Yeshaya Dalsace as permanent Rabbi. Since then, thanks to the rabbi and all of the volunteers, the congregation has made its way through the Jewish community in Paris. Dorvador gathers today more than 150 active members - with a lot of young adults and couples with children- and several hundred followers.

DorVador is a community committed to a vision of Judaism which is intelligent without taboos, while at the same time small and cozy.

Dor Vador describes itself in the following way: "Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of observance - we have Jews who are stricter in their observance, some who are less traditional, and even a few atheists who are exploring Jewish culture. We welcome everyone and judge no one."

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T: (+33) 183741266

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Rabbi Yeshaya Dalsace


10 rue du Cambodge

Paris 75020


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