CHAI – 18 Facts About Masorti Olami and the World Council of Conservative Synagogues

מסורתי עולמי
World Council of Conservative Synagogues – Masorti Olami
Consejo Mundial de Sinagogas Conservadoras
Conseil Mondial des Synagogues Massorti

1. Masorti Olami is the Hebrew name for the World Council of Conservative/Masorti Synagogues, and is represented in the World Zionist Organization, Jewish Agency for Israel and Keren Kayemeth Le’Yisrael (JNF).

2. The international headquarters of Masorti Olami is based in Jerusalem, with an office in New York City as well. The President of Masorti Olami is Alan H. Silberman. Rabbi Tzvi Graetz serves as Executive Director.

3. Masorti Olami’s mission is to build, renew and strengthen Jewish life throughout the world, with efforts that focus on existing and developing communities in Europe, Latin America, the Former Soviet Union, Africa, Asia and Australia. We conduct our activities within the context of the overall Conservative/Masorti movement, in close cooperation with affiliated Conservative / Masorti organizations in North America and Israel.

4. Masorti Olami’s active and indispensable partner is MERCAZ Olami, with both organizations working in close cooperation with the Masorti Movement in Israel. Masorti Olami advocates the centrality of Eretz Yisrael and maintains a strong identity with the people of Israel.

5. Over 135 kehillot around the world are now affiliated with Masorti Olami and the list keeps growing!

6. Masorti Europe and Masorti AMLAT (Latin America) are the regional organizations under the umbrella of Masorti Olami that serve the specific regions.

7. MAROM (Masorti young adults ages 18-30) networks exist in a dozen countries throughout Europe, Latin America and the FSU, with conferences and leadership training seminars for future rabbis, educators and lay leaders.

8. NOAM (the Masorti youth movement), is active in Latin America, Europe and the FSU. Israeli-style Ramah Camps take place in UK, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Ukraine.

9. “Chayl Masorti” (Masorti Youth Service Corps) has sent young adult volunteers to Australia, Spain, Prague, England and Africa. Masorti Shlichim (emissaries) from Israel serve in Latin America, England and U.S.A.

10. Masorti Olami partners with the International Rabbinical Assembly in its service to Latin American and European RA regions and rabbis. Masorti rabbis serve more than 80 diverse kehillot in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Uganda, China, Japan and elsewhere.

11. Masorti Olami partners with the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem in sponsoring and placing rabbinical students in France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, and other locations.

12. Masorti Batei Din have enabled sincere Jews By Choice to enter into the ranks of Am Yisrael in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, England, France, Spain, Latin America, Uganda and elsewhere. The Masorti European Beit Din in UK provides religious services to all countries in Europe.

13. Masorti Olami has sponsored the bringing of Torah Scrolls to kehillot in France, Spain, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

14. Masorti Olami partners with the educational efforts of Midreshet Yerushalayim (an arm of the Schechter Institute) to create family education programs and new kehillot in the Ukraine.

15. Masorti Olami is engaged in distributing prayer books and chumashim to kehillot around the world and in producing liturgical translations and other Conservative/Masorti publications as needed.

16. Masorti Olami partners with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs effort to provide tefillin and tallitot world-wide, with the Women’s League’s goal of connecting Masorti women throughout our kehillot, and with USYers and Ramah camps to connect youth with Masorti peers abroad. Masorti Olami also works actively with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the Cantors Assembly, the Jewish Educators Assembly, and the other members of the Leadership Council of Conservative Judaism.

17. In addition to the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem, Masorti Olami partners with numerous other vibrant Masorti training institutions: Jewish Theological Seminary, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at American Jewish University and the Seminario Rabbinico Latinamericano “Marshall T. Meyer” in Buenos Aires.

18. Our movement is expanding rapidly as more Jews around the world turn to us for assistance and involvement.  We need partners to work with us to establish and sustain the option of Conservative/Masorti Judaism everywhere that Jews reside.  Please join us!

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