Rabbi Mauricio Balter visits Latin America to strengthen the Masorti/Conservative movement and values in the region
March 28th, 2024

In early March, with the aim of strengthening the Masorti/Conservative movement and values in Latin America, Masorti and MERCAZ Olami Executive Director, Rabbi Mauricio Balter, visited our communities, MERCAZ Chapters and NOAM Branches in Argentina and Uruguay, and representatives from Latin American Rabbinical Assembly and Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano Marshall T. Meyer where he met with leaders and volunteers from around the region.

Rabbi Balter shared: "Earlier this month I had the privilege of visiting four communities in Buenos Aires and two communities in Montevideo. Visiting our Masorti/Conservative communities around the world is always a source of renewal of energy for me. I was able to meet with the board of directors and volunteer leaders from our communities, as well as with their rabbis and spiritual leaders. We shared prayers and conversations about how each of the communities are facing diverse and new challenges that our changing reality generates daily. As always, I returned feeling captivated and inspired by witnessing firsthand the efforts made to maintain a full and vibrant Masorti Jewish life in Latin America. The creativity and perseverance of our volunteers, leaders and rabbis is a unique example of the strength of the Jewish people and the Masorti movement in particular".

Rabbi Balter with representatives and leaders of Comunidad Sefardí de Uruguay

At the Argentine Zionist Organization with its Vice-president Demián Stratievsky and Treasurer Luis Nimhauser

"I also had the opportunity to meet with the MERCAZ Argentina leadership group and was thrilled to see the high level of commitment and seriousness with which they have approached the process of re-founding MERCAZ and turning it into an active and successful organization. In Montevideo, my meeting with the members of MERCAZ Uruguay allowed me to verify, once again, that they have fully assumed their role of being the Zionist and liberal voice in Uruguay, and continue to defend the values of Zionism and the Masorti Movement".

With the board of directors of the Latin American Rabbinical Assembly

With Rabbi Daniel Dolinsky and Rabbinical Student Hori Sherem in Montevideo

"I was honored to meet with over 15 directors of the NOAM Argentina branches, which was an incredibly impressive meeting, where I learned about their ongoing work within the different branches. It is truly inspirational to see how committed they are to the future of the youth in Argentina and their dedication to the Masorti Movement".

Meeting with directors of the NOAM Argentina branches

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