Marom brings together young people from around the world for their Volunteer Mission in Israel
January 2nd, 2024

To support Israel and contribute in a significant way at a challenging time of workforce shortages due to the war against the terrorist group Hamas, MAROM, the Young Adults organization of the Masorti/Conservative Movement, brought together young people from around the world for a volunteer experience in Israel last month.

Participants from Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, USA, France, and Uganda joined the Marom Volunteer Mission in Israel from December 11 to 23. The group spent most of their time in the South, where they volunteered working in the fields and greenhouses of Israel’s farming communities that suffered unthinkable losses at all levels during the war.

Many of the residents and workforce of these communities were killed or taken hostage on October 7th, and the survivors are living today as refugees scattered around Israel. Marom's volunteers came to help fill this deficit, by ensuring ensure the farms continue to work, and helping make sure the produce reaches consumers.

Masorti and MERCAZ Olami Executive Director, Rabbi Mauricio Balter, and Deputy Director Tehila Reuben met with the group for a conversation and listened to their impressions and experiences in Israel – initiating conversations on the questions of ‘what kind of Israel they were met with’ and how it differed from the Israel they knew before October 7. Tehila shared with the group how deeply important it is that they came: “We are 100% in this together and seeing your support, seeing you drop everything and come help us get through our days is essential to the unity of the Jewish People – and Masorti Olami is honored to help support Marom’s efforts in this mission”.

Rabbi Mauricio shared with them his impressions of Israel after the conflict. “Israel is redesigning itself; Israel is not the same as it was on October 6th and must rehabilitate itself and include these changes in its renewed identity,” explained Rabbi Mauricio.

For Marom's Israel Program Director Juliana Somekh, the delegation was a success in all aspects. “In addition to helping Israel in this time of crisis and experiencing intercultural and social experiences, participants were able to get closer to their being Jewish and their relationship with the country and its people.” Regarding their connection with Marom and the Masorti/Conservative movement, she shared: “The group finished the program wanting to continue evolving and getting more involved with Marom projects in their home countries, as well as being more aware of their Jewish identity.

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