Marom promotes exchange between Israeli society and the diaspora through volunteer mission
May 27th, 2024

Following the success and impact of its first volunteer mission to Israel after October 7 held last December, Marom, the young adult organization in the Masorti/Conservative Movement, brought a second group of volunteers from around the world for a new unforgettable and meaningful experience in Israel.

Together with Taglit, the Marom Volunteer Delegation 2.0 brought together young people from Argentina, Brazil, France, Russia, Uganda, Kenya and Ukraine. From May 6 - 16, the 27 participants worked as volunteers helping organizations supporting displaced families and working in agriculture in Moshav Shekef, in south-central Israel.

The project aims at bringing young people to Israel and helping them understand post-war Israeli society and the role of the diaspora in these difficult times, and strengthening their connections with young people from other countries who share the same Masorti/Conservative values of solidarity and Tikun Olam.

In addition to lectures and workshops about Israel and the impact of the October 7 war on Israeli society, the group also visited our communities close to the Gaza Strip, participated in conversation about Israeli geopolitics, and visited Kikar Hachatufim (Hostage Square), where they met with families of hostages and talked to Israeli soldiers.

Besides the daily activities, they spent Shabbat together and joined Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut activities, including a special Yom Ha’atzmaut dinner.

Masorti and MERCAZ Olami Executive Director, Rabbi Mauricio Balter, and Deputy Director Tehila Reuben met with the group for a conversation about our global movement, and the importance of community and network, especially during these trying times . The conversation also focused on discussions about “what Israel the participants met today”, and how it differed from the Israel they knew before October 7.

According to Marom's Israel Program Director Juliana Somekh, the mission's structure - volunteering in the morning and meetings/visits/activities in the afternoon - was built to help the group experience and better understand how the country got on October 7 and how it changed the Israeli society.

"Although volunteering is not as urgent as it was in December, we still understand that there was a feeling of exchange between Israeli society and the diaspora through it", she added.

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