We express our heartfelt gratitude as we bid farewell to Rabbi Chaim Weiner, as Director of Masorti Europe
December 31st, 2023

After almost 20 years as Director of Masorti Europe, we express our heartfelt gratitude as we bid farewell to Rabbi Chaim Weiner, as Director of Masorti Europe

Rabbi Chaim Weiner, who will continue in his role as Head of the Masorti European Bet Din, has been a great inspiration to all who have had the opportunity to work alongside him. He is known for his work developing and enriching Jewish communities on the continent and leading inspiring educational trips to destinations across Europe and around the world.  


About him, Gillian Caplin, Past President of Masorti Olami and Masorti Europe, shared: "Chaim’s knowledge of how to make Masorti Europe work as an organization of like-minded communities has been invaluable.  His inimitable blend of sociological approach combined with a real appreciation of Jewish tradition and deep understanding of halacha, alongside of his practical approach to problems and his unwavering commitment to Masorti Europe has certainly been the major influence on where it is today".


According to Masorti Europe President Wanda Teplitsky, Masorti Judaism in Europe would not be what it is without Rabbi Wiener’s involvement. "So many lives were changed thanks to his work, so many communities flourished under his guidance. Rabbi Weiner was so instrumental in creating the network we have today, establishing links, setting the basics of our work. We wish him the best in his new endeavors and hope to keep working together in other ways".

Masorti Europe Conference | Paris, France, 2007

Masorti Europe AGM | Aix-En-Provence, France, 2022

Almere, Netherlands, 2008

Besides his work with the Masorti movement in Europe, Rabbi Weiner, who was ordained at the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem, was formally national director of NOAM Israel and served as rabbi of the Edgware Masorti Synagogue and the New London Synagogue, both in London.


Graduate of the prestigious Jerusalem Fellows Program of the Mandel School in Jerusalem, he's a member of the Va'ad Halacha of the Rabbinical Assembly and published several teshuvot (responsa).


Masorti and MERCAZ Olami Executive Director Rabbi Mauricio Balter shared: "Rabbi Chaim Weiner is one of the founders of Masorti Europe. Each founder leaves a mark on his or her work, and there is no doubt that Rabbi Weiner's tremendous contribution will remain in the work model and identity of Masorti Europe for generations. European Jewry was blessed by the work of a wise and refined student! In the name of Masorti and MERCAZ Olami, I thank Rabbi Weiner and wish him success in the future!"

NOAM Olami Seminar | London, UK, 2010

Masorti Olami Tribute Event | 2012

Masorti Europe Executive Meeting | Paris, France, 2021

Masorti and MERCAZ Olami Deputy Director Tehila Reuben, who worked closely with Rabbi Weiner for over 10 years, shared: "I have learned so much from him on both a professional and a personal level. I can honestly say that it has been such a pleasure working with and learning from him and I'll miss his calming and practical approach to life and work – which has helped shape my work today. I thank him for the friendship and wisdom and look forward to continuing to be in touch.”


Masorti Olami and Masorti Europe thank Rabbi Weiner for his hard work, invaluable contributions, commitment, leadership, and guidance on the important task of establishing and developing Masorti movement across Europe.

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