Annual Review 2018
March 1st, 2019

Masorti Olami exists for the purpose of helping Jews around the world bring our traditions into the center of their modern lives. With communities on six continents, Masorti Judaism is truly a global force within the Jewish world.

Over the past year Masorti Olami has significantly increased its worldwide activities. The Latin America region has begun a complete restructuring. Two seminars, one in Chile and one in Peru, brought together our Rabbis and lay leadership from across the region to divide Latin America into four functioning sub-regions, examine our ideology and communications strategy and elect a new board.

Masorti Europe is also continuing to expand with new communities, schools and NOAM camps across the region. Earlier this year we inaugurated a new NOAM Winter Camp in Ukraine, witnessed the opening of a new Masorti school in Berlin and Masorti Spain welcomed new communities in Barcelona and Oviedo. The only constraints to our ever-increasing presence across both Eastern and Western Europe are the resources needed to fill the demonstrable need for Masorti Judaism in these areas.

The past year has also seen the growth of collaborations within the movement. Along with our partners at the Schechter Institutes we launched Masorti Ukraine in March with the communities in Kiev, Chernivtsi and Odessa and two months later Masorti Olami and Marom Olami launched a partnership to bring American Rabbinical Students to spend time in Masorti communities and Marom chapters across Europe. This collaboration aims to provide tomorrow’s Masorti leadership with a deeper understanding of the worldwide movement and personal connections to our global communities.

We have also partnered with Marom Olami to bring the young leadership of Mexico’s Bet-El community to Israel to learn about hi-tech, community and social start-ups in Israel and we brought young people from around the world to Israel on our outstanding Onward NOAM Olami program.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we work to unite our communities around the world and bring pluralistic and relevant Jewish practice to Jews wherever they may be.

Rabbi Mauricio Balter, Executive Director
Gillian Caplin, President

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