Annual Review 2013
March 1st, 2014

Dear Friends,

Thanks to you, this has been one of the most successful years in Masorti Olami history. In January, a group of young adult leaders from Latin America visited the Los Angeles Jewish community to connect with Conservative institutions and leaders; our first ATID conference in Buenos Aires brought adults and youth together in August; Masorti Olami's Simchat Torah flags were used, in record numbers, by kehillot around the world and we were proud to sponsor the “Pope’s Rabbi”, Rabbi Abraham Skorka, on his multi-faceted tour of institutions on the East Coast, and television appearances aired around the world. And this doesn’t include the many, many programs that took place in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Israel and Australia. These programs spanned not only the globe but the generations; youth from around the world gathering in Argentina and Baltimore, young adults in Paris and Budapest, adults in London and Lisbon and even toddlers in Berlin and Spain. Masorti Jews sat down together in cities both big and small, to plan the present and dream of the future.

This is our task: building, renewing and strengthening Masorti Jewish life around the world and integrating halacha (Jewish law) with the demands of the ever changing modern world in a way that honors our tradition. We cannot achieve these goals without your generosity, support and commitment. For what you have already done, and for what you will be doing as we move forward, toda raba!

Alan Silberman

Outgoing President

Gillian Caplin Rabbi

Incoming President

Tzvi Graetz

Executive Director

Dr. Joanna Kubar

Marom Europe President

Danny Cohn

Masorti AMLAT President

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