2013 Message from Masorti Europe President, Joanna Kubar

Dr. Joanna Kubar

The hard work involved in planning our Masorti Europe board meetings, held this year in Marseille, Brussels and London,  in addition to the everyday job of running the communities, is a clear demonstration of our fervent desire to transmit our tradition. Activities around Europe are constantly happening. This year, we expanded our strategic plan for Masorti Europe and began to implement our plan, we held our executive meetings via Skype and the everyday tasks to nurture the life of the organization and make decisions, not always big decisions but numerous, were done as a team.

We put into action an ambitious EU program called LET, Learn Exchange and Transmit, now in its second year. The sessions are prepared with great care and through this program the next generation of lay leaders and  new friendships have already emerged. These meetings even led to a wedding! We prepared and held the premiere lay leaders and rabbis meeting and we started talks about the upcoming meeting in Israel at the Conservative Yeshiva and Kibbutz Hannaton.  In the framework of strengthening our Masorti presence in multi-denominational Jewish events, we participated in the JDC meeting in Oxford entitled “The Present and the Future of Jews and Jewish life in Europe” which brought together a multi-disciplinary group of Jewish intellectuals, community leaders, social scientists, businessmen and entrepreneurs. We continued our fruitful collaboration with Jewish Men’s club in North America and sent several representatives to their annual meeting in Boston.

It is vital to emphasize our that dynamic link with Masorti Olami.  All of the finished work and all of our achievements only encourage to do better and do more. There is an enormous space for improvement for all of us: the reward for a mitzvah is an opportunity to do more mitzvot, likewise here, our work will be rewarded by more work. It is very Jewish, indeed. There is no time now for self satisfaction. There is only the urgency to act. May we all contribute to Judaism, to our passion and to our values.