2013 Message from Masorti AMLAT President, Daniel Cohn

The year 2013 started by gathering together the Latin American Masorti Movement leaders in Buenos Aires, together with leadership from Masorti Olami.
Various organizations of the Movement participated; the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano “Marshall T Meyer”, Masortí AmLat, Noam and Marom AmLat and the Latin America Rabbinical Assembly (LARA) in order to continue building together a better future for Masorti and for the Jewish people. During the various meetings, we discussed the situation of the Movement, its communities, central members and institutions. A long-term work strategy has been planned for 2013 as well as the next few years.

In June, a youth representative joined our board and soon we will also have representatives from the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano and LARA.
Lic. Ariel Blufstein´s has stepped down as Masorti AmLat Executive Director, after holding that position for five years, and we sincerely thank him for his dedication and we wish him much success in the future.

At the Atid Conference, during my opening speech I said, “… I think we have to work in a way that Masorti-affiliated community members clearly know what belonging to the Conservative/Masorti movement means and to know and be able to convey what being a Masorti Jew is. Many of our communities were founded by people with a common background, but nowadays we must make our communities aim at gathering people with a common vision towards the future. Instead of looking at “where we come from”, I propose to look at “where we are going to”…to the Atid (future)